About us

Finally a social media application that brings the social aspect back to the internet. Say goodbye to the times of sitting behind a computer screen or portable device telling everyone about the times you are having and instead invite them to join you! Instead of using different applications for navigation, meeting new people, checking in, posting photos and/or status updates, friend circles, and messaging; use one convenient app which can do it all.

Roamlife is a revolutionary new application that merges all of your needs into one convenient app. The need to exit one application to perform a different task has been eliminated as all of your favorite tasks have been merged into one.

Advanced friend circles and location services through our navigation maps make it possible to finally get out on the roads and meet up with new and existing friends. Arrange to meet up with your friends for a night out on the town or find a cluster of Roamlife users at a nearby location and bring the social media experience to a new level.

Roamlife contains the following features:

  • Sleek Design

  • Easy to use and learn design and functionality

  • Simple user menu with descriptive links

  • Quickly upload and customize your profile

  • Advanced Navigation

  • Navigate to a specific location or to a friend with turn by turn directions on our map

  • View other users on your path and arrange to meet

  • Search for any user around the world with only their name

  • Status Updates and Check ins

  • Check in from a location to share what you are doing with your friends and/or invite them to join you

  • Type a customized status update to share with all of your friends. Choose to use text only or add a picture.

  • Friend Circles

  • Easily organize friends, family, and work associates into their own custom circles

  • Move people between circles with ease

  • Additional circles are available to premium members

  • Messaging

  • Instant messaging features with easy to view color coded message by user

  • Group messaging to all members of a specific circle

  • Photo Sharing

  • Upload or take pictures directly from your device within the app

  • Create customized albums to share with your friends

  • Post pictures to your profiles, status updates, or check ins

Try Roamlife and become social in the world of social media!